Stephanie Sheridan Training

Welcome to your next chapter in personal growth and health. 

Your next step towards health will transform your life, and I am here to be with you on the journey.

Here’s me: A focused, ambitious healer with a training in quantitative analysis to underscore my expertise in yoga, movement, fascia, body work, Ayurveda and coaching. A wise spirit, willing to go the extra mile to empower you in every situation.​

You: An equally ambitious professional, a strong, inner-confident achiever – living a big life and on the verge of a bigger life. Not quite sure what the next thing is, but hungry to figure that out and willing to do the physical and emotional lifting to step into, and sustain, your biggest life yet. 

Together, we partner in a healing journey that leads to magnificent and fascinating outcomes.

We take part in a mission that empowers you towards a balanced life, through holistic practices and healthy habits including mindful food choices and yogic-based movement.​

Stephanie Sheridan, MA is a wellness coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer and mentor with a focused, heartfelt practice.  As a professional, she works with individuals and groups incorporating the fundamentals of yoga, meditation and empowerment coaching, and Ayurveda to align with their life purpose.

She works in residential, corporate, academic and non-profit environments. She has worked with cancer survivors, hosted yoga masters and counseled best selling authors to keep following their dreams.

Stephanie fights fearlessly for the integrity of her clients’ dreams, what are you waiting for?!

Stephanie is a wonderful teacher who is gifted with an ability to transmit the true essence of yoga.


Thank you for sharing your practice and gift by teaching! I had a private yoga session with Stephanie Sheridan and she brought me back from the dead this week y’all, treat yourself to her.

– Eleanor ​

Stephanie’s sessions are like therapy treatments. Artfully and thoughtfully crafted with intention to heal, sooth and inspire. I will always be grateful for her empowering presence in my journey 

– Naomi

Stephanie and her methods were just what I needed! Running your own business can be a taxing experience on your mind and body, and by using a holistic approach, Steph helped me to find greater calm and clarity


Training with Stephanie is an absolute pleasure. I tried for years to improve my posture through yoga and other exercises. Not until working with Stephanie did I see results. She gave me tools to fix how my body functions


Stephanie Sheridan has blown open my understanding of my body. She is a pathbreaker sure to revolutionize how you think and feel


Stephanie Sheridan provided me with a service I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I NEEDED. I deal with arthritis in my neck and shoulders that I see a massage therapist throughout the year which provides normal regular release. Additionally, I also deal with intense emotions from previous life issues that I see a therapist for and take the appropriate medications to help out. Stephanie’s “service” seemed to combine those two visits into one! I believe she said something like “memory is in the fascia.” She went up and down each side of my body following a “band” that left me feeling calm and content. I will continue to seek out her help and highly recommend it be added to your “make me feel good” toolbox


Stephanie Sheridan, MA

Yoga Alliance, 200 Hr Experienced Yoga Teacher

Functional Patterns Level I 

Barefoot Training Specialist Level I

National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

202-660-3306 (c)